ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms
ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms

NEW! ACU Approved toe guards for swingarms. These are required to pass ACU scrutineering when racing and protect hands and feet from being mangled through the rear wheel sprocket! Easily fitted to most swingarms with variable mounting points from 30-65mm between centres.

Available in plain aluminium or painted black

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Healtech Exhaust Servo Eliminator
Healtech Exhaust Servo Eliminator

The Healtech Exhaust Servo Eliminator (ESE) allows you to remove the bulky exhaust servo mechanism and remove dashboard error lights. A simple plug-and-play module that uses a micro-processor for optimal functionality. Works with all exhaust systems including stock systems.

2 Year Warranty from Healtech


Desmosedici RR (2008) ESE-D02
Diavel (2011-2016) ESE-D01
X-Diavel (2016+) ESE-D02
Hypermotard 1100/1100S/796 (2007-2012) ESE-D02
Hypermotard 821/939 (2013+) ESE-D01
Hyperstrada 821/939 (2013+) ESE-D01
Monster 795 (2012-2014) ESE-D01
Monster 796 (2010-2014) ESE-D02
Monster 1100 (2009-2010) ESE-D02
Monster 1100 (2011-2013) ESE-D01
Monster 1200 (2014) ESE-D01
Monster 1200R (2016+) ESE-D02
Monster "Diesel" (2012-2013) ESE-D01
Multistrada 1200 (2010-2014) ESE-D01
Multistrada 1200 DVT (2015+) ESE-D02
Multistrada 1200 DVT Enduro (2016+) ESE-D02
Streetfighter 848 (2012-2014) ESE-D01
Streetfighter 1098 (2009-2011) ESE-D02
Streetfighter 1098 (2012-2013) ESE-D01
Superbike 848 (2008-2013) ESE-D02
Superbike 1098 (2007-2009) ESE-D02
Superbike 1198 (2009-2011) ESE-D02
Superbike 899 (2014-2015) ESE-D01
Superbike 959 (2016+) ESE-D02
Superbike 1199/1199S (2012-2014) ESE-D01
Superleggera 1199 (2014) ESE-D01
Superbike 1299/1299S (2015+) ESE-D01

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Price: £ 44.99

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