ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms
ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms

NEW! ACU Approved toe guards for swingarms. These are required to pass ACU scrutineering when racing and protect hands and feet from being mangled through the rear wheel sprocket! Easily fitted to most swingarms with variable mounting points from 30-65mm between centres.

Available in plain aluminium or painted black

Guide to Ducati Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
by Larry "Shazaam!" Kelly

If you're going to purchase an after-market clutch slave cylinder there's a couple of issues you should consider.

You can change the hydraulic ratio (and reduce lever pull force) by replacing the OEM clutch slave cylinder with an after-market one that is larger in diameter. This diameter increase has its limits however because the penalty for force reduction is a longer lever movement necessary to fully disengage the clutch. The longer lever movement means that your take-up point will move farther away from the handlebar. This in turn requires that you change the 4-position clutch lever adjustment to get full disengagement.

Incomplete clutch plate separation results in difficulty in selecting neutral when the bike is idling at rest, and ultimately reduces friction plate life because of the plates dragging. About a 30% lever movement increase is the practical limit before there are problems.

It's important to note that Ducati slave cylinders are not interchangeable between the pre-2001 and 2001+ superbikes because the push-rod length is different. When Ducati solved the slave cylinder leakage problem in 2001, they modified the slave cylinder on all bikes, except the SPS. That modification to the housing design required the use of a 10mm longer push-rod. Some of the cylinders on the market come supplied with a 10mm spacer so you can use it with both push-rods.

In model year 2000, Ducati itself decided to address the clutch pull complaints by changing the hydraulic ratio using a 1mm smaller diameter master cylinder. The result is a 15% easier-to-pull, 17% longer-to-pull lever. If you use an after-market slave cylinder with these later masters, you run into clutch engagement problems at smaller slave diameters than with the earlier bikes.

Ducati Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders


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