ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms
ACU Approved Toe Guard for Swingarms

NEW! ACU Approved toe guards for swingarms. These are required to pass ACU scrutineering when racing and protect hands and feet from being mangled through the rear wheel sprocket! Easily fitted to most swingarms with variable mounting points from 30-65mm between centres.

Available in plain aluminium or painted black

Ducati OEM Fuel Chips

Taken from Ducati SBK Catalogue 2003
(old ECU codes are shown in brackets from 2001 catalogue)

96502394C (08054/1) - 916 Monoposto '94, silencers Racing 
965013AAA (08054/3) - 916 Biposto silencers Racing
965015AAA (08054/11) - 996 Racing silencers 
965014AAA (08054/6) - 748 Twin-seat silencers Racing
965024AAA (08054/15) - 748R Silencers Racing

96502694C (08054/19) - 916 Monoposto '94, silencers Ø 50
965027AAA (08054/20) - 916 Biposto silencers Ø 50
965025AAA (08054/22) - 996 Silencers Ø 50
96506501B (n/a) - 996S Silencers Racing Ø 50
965028AAA (08054/17) - 748 Biposto silencers Ø 50
965029AAA (08054/18) - 748SPS Silencers Ø 50
965030AAA (08054/16) - 748R Silencers Ø 50

96503394C (08054/2) - 916 Monoposto '94, complete assembly Ø 50
96503494C (08054/4) - 916 Biposto complete assembly Ø 50
965035AAA (08054/5) - 916SP Complete assembly Ø 50
965031AAA (08054/14) - 996 Complete assembly Ø 50
965032AAA (08054/26) - 996SPS/916SPS Complete assembly Ø 50
965036AAA (08054/7) - 748 Biposto complete assembly Ø 50
965044AAA (08054/8) - 748SPS Complete assembly Ø 50
965037AAA (08054/25) - 748R Complete assembly Ø 50

965038AAA (08054/23) - 996 Complete assembly Ø 52
965040AAA (08054/21) - 916 Biposto complete assembly Ø 52
965035AAA (08054/5) - 916 SP Complete assembly Ø 52
965039AAA (08054/24) - 996SPS/916SPS Complete assembly Ø 52

We are able to test and repair Weber Marelli 1.6M type ECUs, and also have a limited supply of replacement fuel chips available. Please Contact Us for more information.


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